trACkTION Video

trACkTION Video

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Tracktion Video uses the latest technology to provide high-resolution track-side and in-car video of drivers participating in amateur motorsport events, including racing, time trials, high performance DE, autocross, and drifting competitions. 


  • $149 - Old-Course Reenactment Video
    • Video of you driving the historic original Watkins Glen Grand Prix Circuit
    • Filmed from 6 different vantage points
  • $349 - Highlights of the Weekend


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WHAT SETS US APART: We’re racing drivers first, videographers second.

  • Knowledge of Racing
    • We apply our knowledge of the nuances of the sport to ensure that we get the shots a serious racing driver would want to see: the fastest straightaways, the most technical turns, the most exciting passes.

  • Familiarity with Tracks
    • Because we're familiar with each of the most famous tracks in the United States, we know where the action happens. Our intuition, combined with the relationships we've cultivated with track personnel over the years, allows us to get the best camera placements and angles.
  • Grasp of the Routine
    • We know that these events require preparation and focus, so we make the entire process easy. We ensure that the transaction is simple and smooth, and then we stay out of your way. We only set up and collect in- and on-car cameras during your downtime.

WE OFFER YOU: An customized video highlighting your best memories of the weekend.

  • Individualized Footage
    • We walk away from each event with hundreds of hours of raw footage. We take this footage and edit it to create a unique, customer-specific video.
  • The Best Shots
    • e employ a variety of unique camera placements, angles, and techniques, including static and manned track-side cameras, in- and on-car cameras, and slow-motion capture to make sure that we get all the action.
  • Packages to Suit Your Needs
    • We offer 3 premium packages, to ensure that we have something of value to all drivers. They range from a $149 highlight reel of the old course reenactment to a $2499 package that includes a driver profile, romantic shots of your car, highlights from your practice and qualifying sessions, and a full-length video of your races with track-side and in-car footage. Our video can be used either to show off your skills on the track or as a tool to help you shed those crucial seconds off your lap times.


Pure9Video will not only make you feel and look like a professional racing driver; it’ll help you drive like one too.